Easygov: consultancy and solutions

Company profile

EasyGov Solutions is a start-up of Politecnico di Milano offering research and consulting projects in the public management field.
EasyGov was born in 2006 from the initiative and experience of a team of researchers working in the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering (DIG), at Politecnico di Milano. Our engineers combine an in-depth knowledge of the public sector with robust analytical abilities. EasyGov supports Public Administrations in the process of planning and implementing change: this builds on an intelligent mix of research and consultancy, helping public stakeholders to make strategic decisions and set priorities.

EasyGov’s activity is inspired by three main principles: synergy of methodologies and good practices in order to help an effective and efficient use of public resources; support to Public Administrations’ strategic planning and control processes; consistent and tailored problem solving solutions, aiming at bringing about actual change.

Consulting Activities and services

EasyGov’s operational expertise focuses on the following areas:
-  Programme and Project Management of radical innovation in Local Public Administration
-  Strategic planning, support and assistance at every stage of publicly funded collaborative projects (EU and National), from objectives setting to proposal writing, negotiation, implementation of project specific activities
-  Support and coaching of Public Administrations in change absorption and re-use of successful solutions developed by third parties
-  ICT re-organisation in Local Public Administration
-  Consulting in innovation management, organisational change, service improvement.
 This expertise allows EasyGov to offer a broad range of consulting services:
-  Project and Programme Management
-  Proposal writing, management and coordination of networks
-  Disaster Recovery
-  Processes Digitalisation
-  Electronic Invoicing adoption
-  Re-use
-  Transparency and accountability management
-  Organisational Wellbeing Improvement
-  Performance management.

Relevant achievements:

EasyGov assists its clients in turning ideas into projects and in making their projects succeed. In ten years of activity, EasyGov has had a proposal success of 25 mln Euros: these public funds have been key enablers of Local PA’s innovation projects.
Provincia, North of Italy: brought to a 30% reduction of the efforts related to strategic planning and control processes, amplifying the effectiveness of political action
Comune, Central Italy: supported a 90% reduction of citizens physical’s access to the offices, thanks to an extensive processes re-organisation.

Research Activity

EasyGov acknowledges the fundamental role of research. Research is the primary source from which to draw good practices capable of improving service delivery, challenging Public Administration’s eventual gap in service provision, ultimately guaranteeing a better use of public resources (and therefore of taxpayers’ money).
This is why in 2010, building on more than ten years of research experience in the public management field, EasyGov’s Engineers and the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano gave birth to the eGovernment Observatory, with the aim to:
-  Create a privileged space where public stakeholders from any background can exchange experiences and talk to each other;
-  Support innovation in the public sector by identifying and fostering the dissemination and re-use of good organisational, managerial and technological solutions.
The eGovernment Observer performs the following activities:
-  Selection of a sample of public services to be studied in details
-  Starting from this sample, analysis of good practices in terms of service planning and delivery
-  Analysis of the extent to which these good practices can be improved and adopted by a broad range of Public Administrations
-  Analysis of the consequent possible impacts on public service users
-  Field research: online survey addressed to public managers, aiming at understanding operational paradigms; CATI addressed to citizens, aiming to understand the user experience; direct interview aiming at identifying relevant case studies
-  Collection, check, comment and reporting of research data
Organisation of workshops (closed meetings) and of a final conference (public debate), where research results are discussed in front of a relevant audience of private and public players operating in public service delivery.   

Relevant achievements:

Over the years the Observatory has become an actual reference point in Italy: last year (edition 2013-14), the research had a significant echo, with 30 articles published on the national press and on sector-specific reviews, and with more than 1.000 follower of the Twitter account @ossegov
Every year, the research activities bring to the involvement of 900 Local Public Administrations, see the direct engagement of a selected group of more than 50 public managers working in Public organisations leader in innovation management, are supported by a close collaboration with the team of institutional partners- who work as relevant promoters (and eventually funders) of services’ digitalisation in PA.
Since 2011 EasyGov professionals play an active role in government roundtables aiming at defining guidelines for implementing change in PA (in particular about online payment to PA).
In this fifth edition (year 2014-2015), the research will focus on: innovation management and governance, multi-channel payments, re-use management, public procurement, digitalisation in little municipalities, data management and cloud computing, simplification, effective communication of eGovernment. The analysis will involve more than 7000 actors operating in Public Administration and a statistically representative sample of Italian Citizens.